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Yash nair

Yash N

97.25 ATAR
VCE: Biology (44) VCE: Chemistry (43) VCE: Psychology (48) 7-10: Mathematics 7-10: Science
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Auditory, Visual
  • Locations: Online, Melbourne South East

Hey guys! My name is Yash and I am a recent graduate student, graduated from Nossal High School 2021, studying a double degree in Chemical Engineering/Pharmaceutical Science at Monash in 2022. High school is a very stressful and important time in any child’s life and I understand what each and every one of you are going through, as I have lived through it all. My expertise and relatability as well as my deep understanding of core and common subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Maths, etc. gives me the ability to help you strive to not only achieve access in academics, but cope with the various stressors of high school.

What’s important to me is seeing personal growth, outside of academia, and I know I’m the right person to help your child reach their goals. Don’t think of me as just a tutor, but more of a mentor, someone to guide your child through life.

In my spare time I love going to the gym, listening to and making my own music, as well as spending time with family and friends.


"During VCE I struggled big time with managing my time and having the motivation to study. I was finding the overload of work overwhelming which had affected my ability to earn good scores on my first SACS for both chemistry and biology. However, when I met you, I was able to receive help and guidance throughout the year. You were very patient and understanding, and your teaching methods showed that you really cared about my needs and my future. This was all provided for a reasonable price as well! I was able to catch up quickly and consequently, achieve an excellent ATAR all thanks to you. I recommend this tutor to anyone who needs a little bit of motivation in their year 12 journey."
Keerth S, Past Student

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