Education, done differently

Climb was founded on the principle of providing affordable online tutoring services across Australia.

So that all students - regardless of cultural background, geographical location or socioeconomic status - can access the highest quality, affordable, evidence-based education possible.

Climb approach
“After years working in education it became increasingly clear that private tutoring was out of reach for many students, and we knew this was a problem we needed to solve ”
Daniel, Climb founder

Where it all started

Climb’s own journey began out of conversations between two flatmates over the kitchen counter sharing their experiences as teachers in Australia and the UK.

As educators, we found that many of the issues we faced were not unique to us, but rather reflected wider systemic problems within education. Our call to action culminated in the creation of Climb, an online platform to provide solutions to the problems that underpin mainstream education.

Tutor Cynthia L
Tutor Zeelan C
Tutor Bhumika G
Tutor Tinsue L
Tutor Sakshi A
Tutor Lena H
Tutor Jordan S
Tutor Harleen K
Tutor Evan P
Tutor Chanel K
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Tutor Adeleine Z

What sets us apart?


Mainstream education tends to approach learners with a one size fits all strategy.

We think that things could be done better. Through consultation and diagnostic testing, we develop tailored individual learning plans to meet each learner's specific needs and preferences.


We pride ourselves on our utilisation and integration of evidence-based pedagogy in our practice as educators.

We embed the latest theory in both our professional practice and the training of our tutors.

Our practice utilises inquiry-based learning, high-impact teaching strategies, and positive education principles (among others) to maximise student outcomes.

Accessible & Affordable

No individual should be set back in their pursuit of high quality education. At Climb, we aim to make our practice as convenient as possible through our online platform and highly automated booking system.

Only 1 in 7 Australian students currently access external private education. Our pricing models are catered to meet the needs of all learners.

High Quality

Our approach to education is holistic. Our tutors are not just educators, but mentors.

All our tutors go through extensive vetting in order to demonstrate that their values and beliefs align with the Climb philosophy.

Each tutor has an exceptional academic record (having at least scored an ATAR of 90), excellent communication skills, deep content knowledge, and the understanding to empathise with the educational needs of the learner.

Happy Climbers

Don’t just take our word for it - hear from the people we’ve helped achieve their learning goals!

“Terrence was a good tutor for chemistry, he had the capability of making use of his math knowledge skills linking it to his chemistry. He also has extremely good knowledge of chemistry and real life examples.”
Past Student
"Harleen is very clear in explaining concepts and makes sure I feel confident with each topic before moving on. She is very encouraging and patient."
Darcy, Past student
“Tutoring with Sakshi has been going really well thanks. She’s a really good fit for Felix who was a bit reluctant to get tutoring. She has a lovely, calm demeanour and clearly knows her stuff. She relates well to Felix, and he’s making progress already as reflected in his grade.”
Past Client
"My nine-year-old boy had Cynthia for an English workshop. She actively asked about my son’s interests and incorporated it into the session. My son really enjoyed discussing his favourite movie characters and creating a story about his interests."
Past Client
“Natalie is super helpful and kind! She has helped me go from the middle to the top of my cohort by not only giving me tips on solving problems in various areas of Mathematics but also passing on advice on how to deal and cope with exams. After her tutoring, I feel more confident with Mathematics and because of her, I love it!”
Isla (Year 7), Past Student
"Chanel is a great tutor who has a good knowledge and engaging style means I Iook forward to all our lessons! She is also very supportive and helped me achieve an A+ in English and Chemistry."
Andrew, Past Student

Got Questions?

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