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Ethan du

Ethan D

98.65 ATAR
VCE: Biology (47) VCE: Chemistry (45) VCE: English (41) 7-10: English
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Reading & Writing, Visual
  • Locations: Online, Melbourne West, Melbourne CBD
  • English Texts: Never Let Me Go, Stasiland, Much Ado About Nothing

Hey there! My name is Ethan and I graduated Melbourne High School in 2020 with an ATAR of 98.65 and a study score of 47 in Biology. I’m currently a second-year student studying Commerce and Biomedical Science at Monash and I love reading and playing computer games in my spare time, but more recently I’ve started to get into woodworking and ice skating!

Throughout high school I’ve always found the Sciences to be the most interesting and engaging, but I was rather put off by the ambiguous marking scheme and rushed delivery of content in VCE which left students to largely find their own way around. Having gone through this myself, I’m confident that I can help guide you to the most efficient and effective methods for learning Biology, as well as the many pitfalls to avoid, both in 1/2 and in 3/4.

I understand that not everybody learns the same way and not all students enter VCE with the same background knowledge, and it may seem daunting to achieve the study score you want, but I believe that with the right guidance, anybody is capable of getting a high 40 in Biology.

I strive to personalise the pacing and delivery of the study design to suit your preferences and goals, and I’m always more than happy to answer questions and concerns from students outside of lesson times.

Regardless of your current level, I would love to help provide you with all the necessary knowledge and exam material needed to maximise your results on your academic journey!


"Ethan is one of the most reliable and passionate tutors I have had, who really went above and beyond what was expected of a tutor both inside and out of lessons. He helped me achieve a 40+ study score in Biology even though I joined late into the semester and had no previous knowledge in the subject and needed to catch up to the rest of the class. He was always more than happy to answer any questions I had outside of classes and provided all the practice exam material I needed for the year, I cannot recommend him enough!!"
Past Student
"Even though I had never done a VCE subject before 3/4 Bio, Ethan made sure to bridge the gaps in my knowledge so that I wasn’t behind any of the students who had done 1/2 before, and helped me find a pacing which allowed me to stay ahead of my class without rushing too quickly through the content."
Past Student

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