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Bhumika sree gowda

Bhumika S

99.45 ATAR
HSC: Biology (94) HSC: Chemistry (97) HSC: PDHPE (97) Other: UCAT
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Kinaesthetic, Reading & Writing
  • Locations: Online


My name is Bhumika, and I am a third year studying Medicine at UNSW.

The most invigorating part of teaching for me is the opportunity to pass on the passion and understanding for a subject from myself to my students. Throughout high school I had an immense curiosity for the sciences and ranked top 10 within my school consistently. In the HSC I achieved a state rank in PDHPE and 94 and 97 for Biology and Chemistry respectively.

In my last 2 years of tutoring (both online and in-person) – I found my teaching Philosophy surrounding life-long understanding of the subject trumping pure memorization. As a tutor I aim to build a thorough understanding of the theory before working on questions in both timed and untimed environments to build confidence and speed. During these periods I aim to work on structure and cohesion - the exposure to a variety of question types leaves minimal surprises during the exam period. Classes are continually adaptive; I believe it is of utmost importance that students have the chance to guide their learning and concentrate on areas that they need to focus on the most.

It is important to keep your interests outside your studies! It keeps you sane, teaches you time management and gives you an outlet from schoolwork. I personally love to dance, run (yes - I was that one weirdly enthusiastic kid in PE), draw and feverishly get through whole seasons of crime shows in a sitting. As a tutor I love to focus on the holistic wellbeing of the student both mentally and physically.

The journey through high school is seldom without its hurdles – academic or otherwise. But I look forward to helping you grow and flourish as an individual!


Bhumika is a great mentor and teacher for many students at Girraween High School. During her time as a student support staff, she has immensely helped many students with their schoolwork regardless of the subject as well as their own pathway into medicine. Personally, Bhumika has always been able to understand the pressures of myself and many other students to help us at any time including through personal contact as well. She is an amazing teacher and mentor for anyone especially with her compassionate and empathetic approach to situations.
Dineshe, Past Client
Bhumika conducted tutoring that was incredibly helpful – improving upon my knowledge and structure while answering questions in PDHPE and other subjects. The one-on-one training was always adapted to my style and what I needed in each class. She is professional in her efforts and a fun tutor to work with.
Yehan, Past Student

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