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Zoe B

Zoe B

96.2 ATAR
HSC: English Advanced (91) HSC: English Extension 1 (45) HSC: English Extension 2 (49) HSC: Modern History (89) HSC: Extension History (46) HSC: Visual Arts (95) 7-10: English
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Reading & Writing, Visual
  • Locations: Online
  • English Texts: The Merchant of Venice, Keats' Poetry, Great Expectations, How to marry your daughters, Father and Child, Waiting for Godot, Open Ground Poems

Hi there! I’m Zoe, a first year International Relations and Politics, Philosophy and Economics student at the ANU.

I’m incredibly passionate about all things arts and humanities, taking on a huge amount of essay based courses throughout my HSC. I’m a huge advocate for studying what you love and I truly believe that my successes throughout year 12, achieving an ATAR of 96.20 and being accepted into ARTEXPRESS, can be attributed to my genuine enjoyment of these subjects.

This passion-based approach is something which I’ve also found to be successful with my students. Lessons don’t always need to be pure practice questions and vocab lists. As your tutor, I’d incorporate sport, music, or other interests you have into our sessions, making syllabus objectives and subject content both more accessible and digestible. In doing this, I’ll help you to gain confidence in subjects and achieve your goals in a sustainable and fun way. I’m very experienced both in sharing my passion for these subjects and helping students find their own fun within English, History and Art.

With this approach, not only will your academic results be improved, but your world view may be broadened! English, History and Art are subjects which allow us to connect with others and see the world in entirely new ways. They’re so much more than a list of terms or series of dates and names which you need to memorize.

When I’m not tutoring or at Uni, you can probably find me on a Volleyball court or in my home garden growing strawberries and listening to Dr Dre! (a weird combo, I know…)

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