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William cheung

William C

98.1 ATAR
VCE: Accounting (44) VCE: English (41) VCE: Mathematics Methods (40)
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Kinaesthetic, Reading & Writing
  • Locations: Online
  • English Texts: Never Let Me Go, Stasiland

Hi, my name is Will and I’d love to be your VCE tutor for 2022!

This year I will be furthering my interest in the sciences, especially Mathematics, undertaking a Bachelor of Science and majoring in Data Science at the University of Melbourne.

The main goal for my tuition is ultimately to achieve your goals.

Each individual will have their own limitations and desires for 2022 and it through these that will end up forming the basis of our classes. If you are aiming for a study score of 45+ then our lessons will be mainly focused upon sharpening exam style skills and being fully aware of the syllabus’s intricacies and difficulties. Conversely, I completely understand if one has struggled with the fundamentals of Mathematics or English and simply just wants a leg up this year to push you through year 12. In these types of lessons I will go through the fundamentals with you and attempt to fix particular knowledge gaps which may have hindered potential progress. At the end of the day my purpose as a tutor is to serve you!

Throughout my time in high school I have achieved scores of 40+ in Accounting, English and Mathematical Methods and have cultivated essential tips and tricks to ensure that I am able to solve any question that comes my way. Furthermore, I have been absorbed in truly understanding the how and why in tricky areas of study.

In my free time I love to watch TV shows and movies, enjoying both silly sit-coms and comedies as well as deeper and more meaningful pieces of cinema. At school I was on the Volleyball and Debating team all throughout years 9-12, which I believed were formative in these years of arduous study.

As your tutor I would love for you to send messages and questions as frequently as you’d like, ensuring that you are completely comfortable with your studies. I look forward to meeting my future students and making 2022 your best academic year!

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