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Tinsue lee

Tinsue L

98.4 ATAR
VCE: Biology (43) VCE: Chemistry (40)
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Reading & Writing, Visual
  • Locations: Online

Hi everyone! I’m Tinsue and I’m a Bachelor of Biomedicine student at the University of Melbourne.

I graduated Dux of my school with an ATAR of 98.4, and 40+ study scores in four of my six subjects (Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology). Throughout my high school journey, I also achieved yearly awards in Mathematics and Science from years 7 to 12, as well as subject awards in Humanities, Music and IT.

Having been a tutor for the past year now, I have had experience working with students from all backgrounds and year levels, helping them to foster a deep understanding of the content they are learning. I believe that foundations are essential to mastering more difficult content in future years, and have helped many students in younger year levels to overcome that barrier by doing so. One of the most satisfying things as a tutor is to see a student light up when they thoroughly understand a difficult topic.

Having graduated high school in a pandemic, I know how stressful the final years can be! For those in year 11 and 12, beyond subject content, I’m excited to share tips and advice which made my VCE really enjoyable and rewarding so yours can also be.

I would love to be part of your educational journey through helping you to really master the ins-and-outs of your subjects while living a realistic work/study balance at the same time.

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