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Sunny Ly

Sunny L

99.05 ATAR
SACE: Biology (19.2) SACE: English Literary Studies (19.6) SACE: Chemistry (19.4) 7-10: English 7-10: Science
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Visual
  • Locations: Online, Adelaide CBD, North Adelaide
  • English Texts: The Crucible, Frankenstein, 1984


I’m Sunny, and I’m a fresh-out-of-high school graduate preparing to go into Medicine.

Have you ever wanted to know why the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? Or how the chores your parents give you are a 1984 reference? Well with me, your higher scores won’t be at the cost of late night brawls with your textbook, but with fun and efficient study sessions.

Academically speaking, I’ve achieved Best-in-Class academic awards for all my subjects (English, Biology, and Chemistry), culminating in a 99.05 ATAR, and a merit in English Literary Studies.

I believe the key to success is passion, so that instead of crying at the sight of organic chemistry, you’ll be learning what makes our world tick. So with my experience and guidance, you’ll find yourself with enthusiastic and educational lessons, a voracious appetite for learning, and hopefully, a score that you can be proud of.

While not being a certified nerd, you can catch me playing badminton, mindlessly noodling on the guitar, or trying to not blow up my kitchen with weird recipes.

I hope to be part of your academic journey to success.

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