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Jordan stirzaker

Jordan S

99.45 ATAR
VCE: Algorithmics (HESS) (38) VCE: Mathematics Methods (46) VCE: Mathematics Specialist (43) 7-10: Mathematics
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Reading & Writing, Visual
  • Locations: Online, Melbourne South East

Hey! I’m Jordan and I'm a second-year university student at Monash University studying a double degree in Science and Computer Science. In my spare time I like to read, play video games and rock climb.

I've always loved maths and knew it was what I wanted to pursue since starting school. On top of regular high school maths, I also enjoy more recreational and fun maths which is quite handy as it gives me a greater breadth of understanding and can help explain some concepts in multiple ways.

I am extremely passionate and will make sure that every single lesson is engaging and interesting. Understanding the concepts themselves is the most important thing you can do when it comes to learning a subject like maths, while practice reinforces these concepts. This is why if there is a particular topic that is a struggle for a student, I will focus on where their gap in understanding is to help them reach their goals.

Personally, I believe the most valuable things you need to do as a student in high school, and particularly in year 12, is keeping a good mental state and overall wellbeing and maintain a consistent level of study. Keeping up with hobbies, sport and/or a casual job is necessary to do your best at school. You can't afford to burn out, but you do need to put in sufficient work to ensure you understand your subjects. Additionally, the biggest mistake you can make is letting a bad result weigh over you for the rest of the year so if needed I can also serve as moral support.

No matter your year level, I would love to get to know you and help you reach your goals!

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