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Jack chesterman

Jack C

99.7 ATAR
TCE: Biology (EA) TCE: Chemistry (EA) TCE: Mathematics Specialist (EA) TCE: Philosophy (EA) TCE: Physics (EA) VCE: Biology VCE: Chemistry VCE: Mathematics Specialist VCE: Physics 7-10: Science 7-10: Mathematics
  • Teaching style (learn more): Visual
  • Locations: Online, Melbourne North, Melbourne West, Melbourne CBD

Hi, my name is Jack, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne.

I have always had a passion for the natural sciences, having achieved the highest possible score in all the science subjects which I completed during my TCE. Alongside this, I have developed a similar love for the hard problems posed by the field of Philosophy. I hope to be able to employ my experience and education to help you build strong skills in understanding and studying these fields.

I have always been passionate about helping others explore fields which I am enthusiastic about – whether it be Chemistry, Maths or Philosophy. I would love to help you develop a strong sense of understanding, a feeling of confidence and hopefully a passion for these subjects by passing on my knowledge and experience in these fields.

When I’m not indulging for my love of the natural sciences, you can find me reading a range of books, playing a card game (500 is my favourite), or rewatching a classic sitcom show.

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