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Eric Mills

Eric M

97.2 ATAR
HSC: Physics (92) HSC: Chemistry (91) HSC: Mathematics Extension 1 (94) HSC: Mathematics Extension 2 (91)
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Kinaesthetic, Visual
  • Locations: Online
  • English Texts: Macbeth, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Hello! My name is Eric and I am in my first year studying a double degree of mathematics and advanced computing at University of Sydney.

Have you ever thought about how cool magnets are? At first, they seem like this magical thing that sticks to your fridge, but they’re way cooler than that. Magnets are what allow electricity to do stuff: their manipulation telegraphs pictures of the Earth from our satellites to the computers at NASA headquarters, run by the very same magnetic force, where the pictures are enhanced and optimised to be sent to the phone in your very pocket at your command, powered by the very same force that keeps your shopping list on the fridge.

My philosophy of teaching comes from my own experience of racing to the computer after coming home to dig past the surface level knowledge taught at school to which I was motivated by good teachers. This has taught me that teaching is done right when a sense of engagement and intrigue is created to learn more. Understanding comes from knowing the logic and reasoning behind a concept and being able to apply it to the real world and know where it is needed. This method of understanding is recognised by the HSC as many questions cater to a deep understanding in application-based questions.

This philosophy allowed for success in my HSC, seeing top bands in Chemistry, Physics, and Extension 1/2 Maths. Not only will I rigorously tutor the content of the course, but I will also be a mentor where need be; for instance, assisting you with future goals and reinforcing the motivation for independent learning.

Personal hobbies of mine include jumping into Wikipedia rabbit holes, learning to fly planes with my dad in the cockpit, and attending music festivals/concerts with the excitement of my friends by my side.

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