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Arthur zen

Arthur Z

96.2 ATAR
VCE: Chemistry (43) 7-10: English VCE: Mathematics Methods (41) VCE: Physics (36) VCE: VCD (44) Other: Scholarship/Selective Entry
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Kinaesthetic, Visual
  • Locations: Online

Hey! I’m currently studying at the University of Melbourne, where I am studying a Bachelor of Design. Majoring in both Landscape Architecture and Mechanical Systems, applying Design and Engineering skills into my future work. I graduated in 2021 from Melbourne High School after tutoring others through 1 on 1 online platforms over the duration of covid, so I can teach up to date tricks and tips for the students for their exams while interacting and connecting well with them online.

I’ve tutored over 20 students as of January 2022, allowing my experience to effectively explain concepts to students who need multiple ways of explanation. Being fully self-taught (never had tutors before), I provide an approach that helps students become self-reliant and responsible for their own study, developing strong skills for their future work and education.

I fully understand the struggles of every student across from primary levels to high school/VCE levels, as I work to maximize confidence within students utilising multiple proven psychological methods and strategies.

Along with educational content, I maintain a relatively relaxed class as I believe that stress from the teachers and parents ultimately contribute towards limited performance. Therefore, pushing the students to achieve their best in school tests and exams to ensure success in their future.

In my own time, I often do digital art, guitar/music production, sports (mainly tennis) and learn new skills online.

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