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Adeleine zuniga

Adeleine Z

VCE: Legal Studies (39) VCE: PE (40) 7-10: Mathematics
  • Teaching styles (learn more): Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Reading & Writing, Visual
  • Locations: Online

Hi everyone! My name is Adeleine and I’m a recent high school graduate, planning on pursuing a career in physiotherapy and sports medicine related fields.

I’m passionate about Taekwondo, dancing and helping students become more positive and confident in their future! This is because I believe that high performing results stem from dedication; dedication stems from a passion and (at least a little bit), of love for the subject. As someone who was incredibly passionate about their subjects, I’m certain I can help you enjoy your subjects more and thus become more confident in your learning!

In Legal Studies and PE, I can show you how to maximise your marks through the structures and styles of writing that VCAA examiners LOVE. This knowledge really helped me achieve high results, with my lowest scoring Legal Studies and PE SACs of 92%.

Placing within the top 5 of my cohort for PE, with a competitive Taekwondo background and a true love for sports, I can provide lots of examples to help enhance your PE understanding! And In Legal Studies, I can provide a variety of tools to help memorise content and apply it to different scenarios.

In Maths, I can break down intimidating and complex problems to help you become more satisfied with your results. Having completed the Calculus and Probability Course at University of Melbourne, I can provide lots of tools that helped me enhance my understanding.

With a history of teaching my peers within class and Taekwondo coaching, I can certainly personalise my teaching to your learning style and strengths.

As a high school graduate of one of the Victorian selective schools, I can also assist year 8-10 students hoping to pass the selective school exams, with a bunch of tips and tricks for the exam and even the interviews!

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